Invstur is a blockchain based venture capital and private equity firm that handles everything related to blockchain. As a startup, we are focusing on building our mining farms which will in turn provide the initial return avenue for our investors and help grow the company. We seek is to become a complete resource for all things related to blockchain. We are in early stages of creating a department that handles blockchain medical development exclusively. We have structured the company as an investment vehicle to assist in bridging the gap between the many investors who want to invest in blockchain but have limited knowledge about how the two platforms work. Our structure will allow every investor to take full advantage of the great returns that are made possible in the blockchain environment.

Our amazing team

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Micheal Murphy

Director of Corporate Compliance

Mr. Micheal Murphy joined Invstur in May 2017.

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Alvin Hollinger III

Director of Sales & Strategy

Mr. Hollinger III has been professionally in the sales industry for 4 years. Read More...


Our Parners

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Erick Otchere

Alternative Capital Accumulations

Erick joined the Invstur team in late 2017 as an alternative capital accumulations specialist. Read More...