Are you a solution-oriented individual? Do you know how to build/sustain relationships and grow a business? If so, we’re looking for someone like you who can:

- be a part of the team in both the competitive and negotiated markets to provide a thoughtful pricing approach and distribution of product through retail and institutional channels
- work closely with sales teams to help ensure real-time flow of market and deal information as well as investor interest and participation
- support our Franchise Business, providing market information to help contractors develop appropriate solutions based on their clients' needs, goals and objectives
– ensure compliance with regulatory policies and standards throughout pricing process

You have:
– experience and demonstrated expertise in a similar position or related financial services position
– understanding of the risks associated with the finance business including financial, competitive, and industry risks
– a genuine interest in the finance industry and markets in general

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Positions are open to all worldwide geographic locations/Virtual Assistant where applicable.

To apply for this position, please send your resume to accounts@invstur.com