A) Built in our structure is a very rigid reserve system that will guarantee that we have sufficient funds to refund any investor position including dividends gained during the time of the investment.

B)There is a 27 month lock out period before a core $2500 or more position can be withdrawn. Dividends can be withdrawn every quarter. Dividends are automatically reinvested if not requested 1 month before maturity.

No. We do not require our investors to recruit additional investors. We do welcome being recommended if you are satisfied with our services. Our company is able to provide the returns from the revenue gained in providing hash power service to various Blockchain networks.

A)A Standard investment position amount is $2500.

B)Post launch, we will allow for a $100 core deposit that will require a $50 recurring draft deposit until the standard amount is reached*.
*Standard Amount is $2500.

Yes, any investor can commit to any recurring investment amount above the required minimum. We can accommodate credit card and ACH transactions.

A) Yes, two quarter delay as we build the infrastructure and allow the system to start producing the returns.

B) Any Investor who wishes to close their portfolio will continue to receive two quarterly dividend payments making up for the original lapse.

A) You will be notified 45 days before dividends are issued.

B) You will have 15 days from the notice date to request the withdrawal of your dividends.

We are a registered company in the state of Delaware, with filings with the IRS and Dun & Bradstreet. We will be happy to provide all documents upon request.

We use the latest technology in online security EV-SSL (extended validation security socket layer) with a SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption.

Blockchain assets are a form of digital logistics , network, and payment ledgers that can be executed over the internet between any two parties. For more detailed information on the subject matter please contact the Invstur team at Contact@invstur.com

Every Blockchain Asset requires computing power to find, confirm and process transactions. "Mining" is simply a term referring to the act of providing processing power to the Blockchain network and in return one receives payment in the form of that asset, which can be traded for traditional currency.

Based on the investor's preference, We pay quarterly upon request,or roll the returns into your in your local currency.

When buying Blockchain assets, it is similar to investing in the stock or forex markets. You can make a return, yet small, and it is not always guaranteed. On the other hand mining such assets, and converting them to traditional currency guarantees a return.

Yes. Tax documents will be issued for the previous year during the beginning of each tax year. Each investor is completely and entirely responsible for filing their own tax returns.

Our returns are calculated by taking into consideration processing power, electricity, operation costs, maintenance costs and the relative performance of the Blockchain asset market as a ratio of its current value compared to it's most recent all time high in the blockchain market with various Indexes.

Returns will be professionally managed and removed from the Blockchain market in order to reduce risks.

There are many large retailers such as Apple, Newegg and Tigerdirect, and Selected Suppliers on Alibaba who accept blockchain payments for their goods and services. Other companies and Institutions are developing systems to do so as well as part of the maturing of this exciting emerging market.

We have a news page, and social media outlets where you will receive the most current and accurate news about our company. Investors will also receive news items via their registered emails.

Many Blockchain assets are now as easily exchanged for national currency or goods and services as other forms of currencies thanks to services like Bitpay(™) which offers debit cards to facilitate the exchange.

Please reach out to us using the info on our "contact us" page and we will work with you on a possible alternative.

Invstur is designed mainly towards individuals and investors who would like to take full advantage of the returns possible in the blockchain environment but may have limited knowledge about how the system works. We are a team of experienced professionals who will deliver strong and steady returns.

As a company we will be implementing whichever mining equipment that will yield the greatest returns over the longest period of time.

One basic aspect to the model is that we provide computing power to blockchain networks and receive payment for our service.

No. At present there are no regulations that govern the blockchain universe. Whenever they are implemented, Invstur LLC, a Delaware Company has positioned itself to be absorbed into that new system while still providing the same returns.

Invstur is not a MLM (pyramid) scheme. You invest in your portfolio as one does in an IRA, Annuity, mutual fund, or a 401k. As you invest in your portfolio your dividends grow, it is independent of what the other investors are doing. “Invest in Your Future,” that is what each one of our investors do.

Pump and Dump, this is a terminology that has become synonymous with MLM schemes. You are promised a return of 80-120+% on your money regardless of the volatility of the market. This is done by recruiting a team that is underneath you. As they invest you get paid, when they stop investing, the company closes its doors. We here at Invstur frown upon this model. We will never implement anything such as any derivative of an MLM scheme. (This part hast be bold or underlined)

Our system has been devised and tested by professionals and is built to provide the maximum output possible. This will allow for Invstur to take advantage of the most profitable areas in the blockchain, guaranteeing a profitable return to our investors.

The company & system is setup and operational in the United States.

Yes, we have 3 levels. Bronze, if you invest in the last quarter of the current year, Silver for those who invested continuously from the first month of the second quarter throughout the year, and the Gold bonus for investors who invested continuously for a minimum of 9 months.

There are no restrictions on how many times one can invest each year, we recommend once a month with a minimum investment amount of $50.